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2016-Forensics camp at Glenville State College

Health Sciences & Technology Academy (HSTA)

Each of us cares deeply about our children and their future. The Health Sciences and Technology Academy was founded in 1994 on the faith, resilience, spirit, and commitment of individuals, communities, and colleges and universities that wanted to help make the future bright.

HSTA is a high school science and math enrichment program built in West Virginia, by West Virginians, for West Virginians. HSTA students learn the skills they need to succeed in college through after-school clubs and summer camps rich in mentoring, academics, and community-based healthcare research. More than 90 percent of our graduates go on to receive a college degree. Of these, another 90 percent remain in the state, living in the very communities that helped them achieve success.

HSTA encourages aspirations, opens doors, and helps students succeed in higher education while actively working to improve healthcare in our state. Through this far-reaching program, young West Virginians are realizing their ability to create a better life for themselves, their families, and, one day, their own children.

Ann Chester, Director



 HSTA's success rates

  • 2,370 high school students have graduated from HSTA (1998-2016)

  • 99% of those students went to college

  • 91% of HSTA students graduate with a four-year degree or better

  • $30,000 more on average is earned by HSTA students per year than their parent(s).

  • 85% of HSTA students stay in West Virginia to work.