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First-Year Trips HSTA & HCOP

Attention: HSTA seniors who are going to WVU in the fall. HSTA and HCOP have partnered with Adventure WVU to provide you a fun trip packed with outdoor activities and chances to bond with your HSTA friends before school starts. The trip is August 13-17 just outside of Morgantown, and HSTA is footing the bill! HSTA is providing this to HSTA and HCOP students free to gear up and be better prepared for a great freshman year. Check your WVU mix emails for more information and directions on how to register. Come join us and have fun with friends as you start your journey as Mountaineers together!

Adventure WVU

The Health Sciences & Technology Academy, known as HSTA, is a one-of-a-kind mentoring program in the state of West Virginia that helps participating high school students enter and succeed in STEM-based undergraduate and graduate degree programs. HSTA marshals the efforts of hundreds of mentors―teachers, community members, higher-education faculty and staff, and the HSTA participants themselves―through a framework that supports students facing social and financial challenges to obtaining a diploma and moving on to college.

HSTA Scholars Are . . . 

75%  rural

37%  African American

69%  female

68%  first-generation college attendees

46%  financially disadvantaged

And They Achieve Phenomenal Success

2707-students have completed the program since 1998

99%-of our graduates have attended college

89%-graduate college or are on track to graduate college

87%-earn a four-year degree or better

84% of our college graduates continue to live and work in West Virginia

$30,000 per year is what they earn on average above their parents’ highest salaries

61%-HSTA's graduates choose health and other STEM majors