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Top Five Reasons to Join the Association

It's a family thing!

And, through the association you can . . .

1. Build your resume

  • Take on a leadership role with our brand new Board of Directors

  • Volunteer to help build the association through one of our working groups

  • Become a HSTA mentor at Summer Institute

2. Hone your skills

  • Conduct research for an undergraduate class, your masters or doctoral thesis, or a post-doc project

  • Connect with a mentor for advice, networking, and professional development

3. Connect and build relationships

  • Reconnect with old friends and build new personal and professional relationships

  • Collaborate with like-minded people

  • Get current information on careers, job opportunities, and programs

 4. Advocate for HSTA

  • Advocate for the continuation of HSTA, high school STEM education, and a stronger and healthier West Virginia

  • Become a powerful ambassador! Share your story and help further the HSTA mission

5. Support the next generation

  • Volunteer! Come in as a guest speaker to talk about your experience, run a club activity, or host a field trip

  • Contribute to the Sara Spencer Essay Contest scholarship fund, ACT and SAT reimbursements, and future scholarship opportunities for HSTA students and alumni

  • For each membership dollar, you contribute: 30 cents goes toward the Sara Spencer Essay Contest, 30 cents is applied to ACT and SAT reimbursements, 25 cents helps with club activities, and 15 cents is put aside for future association networking events, social functions, and other activities

Ready to join? We'd love to have you! Complete your Membership Application to get started.