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Community Service or ways to cope

Struggling for Community Service Ideas

Ideas for community service for HSTA students. In this pandemic, HSTA students have an opportunity to make a difference in a big way. HSTA students are powerful helpers and powerful information distributors and powerful enforcers of best practices for public health. HSTA students reach more people than a doctor can just by being in virtual touch with each other and their friends. HSTA students have the power to distribute food and child care and emotional support where it is needed. They can do this in places where help is scarce or people are reluctant to ask for help. Here is a growing list of ideas for logging community service hours. if you have an idea of a community service for the HSTA students, contact Mary Cottrell at mcottrell@hsc.wvu.edu

· Write a letter or connect by e-mail to a veteran or a current armed forces person. Please contact Barbara Ulbrich for more information. 

  • · Call, a shut-in lonely neighbor
  • · Set up a virtual play date for younger kids
  • · Go on telephone call walks (you are really walking by yourself or with a family member) with elderly describing what you are seeing or getting them to tell you about their childhood walks.
  • · Start a virtual club meeting with zoom to discuss topics of interest, invite an outside speaker, do a virtual hands-on activity together. Contact your FSC to set up a zoom meeting for you. 
  • · Put on a virtual concert or sing-along for someone who is lonely.
  • · Physical activity-How about leading your family or VIRTUALLY leading a group of your peers or even younger children (with parents permission of course) in a workout? Could be a fun way to get out some of your energy and connect to others! Let your FSC know if you need help and keep a record of your hours and text them to me! Stay Safe and Happy!