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Science Symposium

Braxton-2019 Symposium Winners

 Science Symposium

This page provides the basic information and materials HSTA students need to complete their annual research projects and participate in the Science Symposium. Students should discuss project-related questions with their HSTA teacher, field site coordinator (FSC), or community research associate (CRA). 

Students submit annual research project ideas for approval to CRAs .

Students then conduct approved research under the guidance of their teachers, FSCs, and CRAs.

In April and May, students present their research projects and findings for critical review at the annual Science Symposium associated with their particular region. Presentations are scored by panels of judges. Presentations are attended by fellow students, teachers, family members, and community members. Materials 


Submitting Research Document

When you submit your Research Document (PowerPoint) you will do it online through RedCap. Once you have submitted your project, your CRA will email the group comments.

Make sure to save your Research Document in a file, thumb drive, ETC. Remember when you submit your Research Document you will not be able to make changes and RedCap does not save a copy for you. When you update your Research Document only your CRA will be able to view it. MAKE SURE TO SAVE A COPY so you can continue to work on the Research Document once you have comments. When you are ready to submit your Research Document for comments click on the following hyper- link for your region:

Braxton/Webster/Roane/Calhoun, Eastern Panhandle 

Cabell/Lincoln, Kanawha, Greenbrier/Fayette , Boone

Ohio/Marshall, Monongalia/Marion, Mt HSTA

McDowell, Mercer, Mingo/Logan, Raleigh 

Research Training

All HSTA students have to complete BOTH the Safety and Ethics Contract. Click on the hyper-link below, read the contracts and sign. If you are working on an IRB project CITI training must be up-to-date.


Submitting Final Research Document

Submit your group's Final Research Document the Friday before the first symposium: Date To-Be-Announced.

Final Research Document