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Summer 2017 Forms

Forms for Summer Camp 2017

SR forms: Instructions are included for all SR forms, WVU access on-line form and the WVU enrollment authorization form. All Sr forms must be completed and submitted by April 17th, 2017. 

All SR's must enroll online via the ACCESS form by April 17, 2017. They must have a 3.0 GPA to enroll at WVU. A copy of the students grades must accompany the Enrollment Authorization form. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

All other camp forms are to be completed and submitted to HSTA's main office by May 1, 2017

 2017 Summer Contract (All Camps)

HSTA Summer Institute 2017 Forms Check list(All Camps)

WVU Access Online directions (SR Camp)

Enrollment Authorization direction Form (SR Camp)

Enrollment Authorization form (SR Camp)

WVU online Access Application cheat sheet (Must go online to complete)(SR Camp)

Summer Camp needs list for the students (All Camps)

HSTA Summer Institute 2017 Dress Code(All Camps)

Summer 2017 Biomed Release for legal guardians' Signature (Biomed Camp)

Student Publication Release Form (All Camps)

2017 Health History Form (All Camps)