Welcome HSTA graduates!

On this page you’ll find the information you need to maintain and use your HSTA waiver, including who to contact, what are the HSTA guidelines, and what graduate and professional school waivers are available. 

  • Check out the basic HSTA rules and guidelines in the “HSTA waiver Quick Start guide".
  • Who can answer your HSTA questions can be found under the “Waiver College Contact”.
  • The list of majors that provide the waiver at the graduate and professional level is available below under Eligible Waiver Majors. This link has the three colleges that provide HSTA waiver at the graduate school level
  • Be sure to submit your Waiver Maintenance Form no later than March 1 of each school year.

If you have any other questions about being a HSTA waiver graduate please contact me directly at

Kas Kasten

Graduate Coordinator


HSTA Waiver Information Video - Everything you need to know!