Student Notebook

Student Notebook

CITI Training Directions

Citi Training is due December 1, 2021

 Annual Research Information 

Research Guide Powerpoint

On Track

  • OnTrack Directions
  • OnTrack Access Guide
  • OnTrack 9th Grade
  • Ontrack 10th Grade
  • OnTrack 11th Grade
    • On-Track is hosting a raffle on December 14th -not required, just an extra incentive if students want to work towards it.
      • "Our mid-year raffle of 10 iPads will be held on Tuesday, December 14th. As in past years, students will need to complete 20 modules and the pre-survey to be automatically eligible for it. And then our scholarship application will go live sometime in the spring semester."
      • Make sure you complete the Pre-Survey!