Teacher Reports

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Teacher Reports are due on the last day of the month – please make sure your report is up to date on the last day of the month. Teachers will receive an email from REDcap, with a link to upload their teacher reports.  If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact your regional field site coordinator.

Teacher Report 

Due Dates:

  • August/September Report is due on September 30th
  • October Report is due on October 31st
  • November Report is due on November 30th
  • December/January First Semester is due
    • on December 31st if the first semester ends in December
    • on January 31st if the first semester ends in January
  • January Second Semester is due on January 31st
  • February Report is due on February 28th
  • March Report is due on March 31st
  • April Report is due on April 30th
  • May Report is due on May 31st
  • June Report is due on June 30th (if you have one)