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Code of Conduct

Help Someone to Achieve (HSTA)

  • Be Supportive and lend a helping hand when someone needs it.

  • Know that we're not alone.

  • Embrace the HSTA mission as we approach each professional task.

  • Be open and honest with our co-workers about things which affect the group as a whole.

  • Remain professional.

  • Do our best.  

  • Do what has to be done.  

  • Participate! participate! participate!  

  • Make decisions to promote HSTA's success, not personal agenda.  

  • Utilize everyone's unique talents.  

  • Hold each other accountable for our responsibilities.  

  • Be positive!

Do Not "Dis" Respect

  • Be kind to everyone, even those that are absent.

  • Treat each individual as we would want to be treated-with respect/fairness/open-mindedness.

  • Respect others ideas and opinions even if we disagree.

  • Try to make each other look good, not bad.


  • Comment on an idea not a person.

  • Be positive in expressing our concerns.

  • Give much thoughts before reactions: consider the effect.

  • Remain open about new ideas.

Have Fun

  • Keep our sense of humor alive and active. It will help smooth the potholes along the way.

  • Be positive about life.

  • In all you do along the way, have fun.

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