Teacher Opportunities - 2022

Summer 2022 Paid Research Opportunity for High School Science Educators

WV-INBRE program will provide funding for nine-week biomedical science research internship positions for high school science educators. A maximum of 5 internships will be available.  HSTA teachers or teachers from HSTA-affiliated schools may be given preference in the selection process.   Internships run from May 31 through July 29, 2022. Based on the high school’s academic calendar, start dates are flexible; however, employment dates end July 29, 2022.   Compensation of $9,000 ($1000/week) will be provided for the full nine weeks, or $1000 for each 40 hour week worked.  For more information, go to the WV-INBRE website and click on “For High School Educators Information”.

More information will be provided about the program and you will be able to view the Mentors Abstract Directories for researchers at WVU and Marshall University and at the WV-INBRE’s partner institutions.  These directories can be viewed online at their appropriate link and the application can be filled out online under the “Application link”. Deadline for application is March 15, 2022.

 For more information, contact:

 Valerie Watson, vwatson@hsc.wvu.edu or (304) 293-4120.


"STEAM Trek.....  West Virginia Virtual STEM and the Arts Festival"

  • Virtual platform is free and open to the public Educator
  • Mini Grants for classroom materials and student volunteer/service hours available for trying it out
  •  Random prize drawings for educators/parents who register

Barboursville, WV, March 21, 2022 – West Virginia Alliance for STEM and the Arts (WV All STAR), is releasing the newly designed, web-based interactive game platform “STEAM Trek” available to students, educators, parents, and the public at www.wvallstarsteamtrek.org  beginning Monday, March 21st, 2022.

STEAM Trek is a web-based game platform that is being “built in public” by WV All STAR and sponsored by a grant from NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium. A collaboration of many great organizations around the state of West Virginia and beyond have worked with us to share their own engaging and unique content developed by their talented educators and staff, and we are thrilled to promote and raise awareness of their work in the game. STEAM Trek is also a platform to showcase students’ and educators’ work as demonstrated by the student projects designed by Mrs. Tamara Westfall’s coding classes at Poca High School shared in the Arcade Hall. STEAM Trek can be explored in the spirit of “free play” or it can be explored in a more structured and time-conscious way through guided “treks” as may be accessed via the “trek box” at the start of the game. Learners can earn “coins” in the game by exploring as well as answering quizzes about the content, and then redeem their “coins” at the “Prize Shop” for virtual prizes to be used in the game.

We consider STEAM Trek, while designed, created and implemented by WV All STAR, a “build in public” platform because as the name simply implies – this is a platform that is transparently being built, tested, tweaked, improved, and grown by the very people who we hope it benefits the most – the organizations that have expertise, resources, and opportunities to share, the educators who are invaluable partners and the experts on learning, and most of all the students who inspire us to keep working and who will be our future problem solvers, creators, dreamers, inventors, and leaders.

Contact: deanaw.wvallstar@gmail.com  (304)360-2530